by use of Meglic Ltd.’s website and news services

Below, you can read about FunnyGifts’s policy for processing the personal information submitted by you when navigating FunnyGifts’s website or signing up for our news services (electronic mail).

Any navigation of FunnyGifts’s website or signing up for FunnyGifts’s news services is subject to the terms and conditions of this present data protection policy. Any navigation of the website is further subject to FunnyGifts’s cookie policy. If you cannot accept the following terms and conditions, please do not use FunnyGifts’s website and/or news services.

Meglic Ltd. protects your personal information, being aware of the requirement for appropriate protection and proper processing of any personal information obtained from you.

Meglic Ltd. is deemed to be the data controller under the current statutes on personal data. Below, you can find all the required contact details:
Meglic Ltd.
Company HE408699
Spyrou Kyprianou 84 – 4004 Limassol, Cyprus.

1. Meglic Ltd. collection of your personal information

Meglic Ltd.’s processing of your personal information is in line with the requirements prevailing at any time, including the safety requirements resulting from the data protection legislation and the related orders. Meglic Ltd.’s reviews regularly the registered personal information, erasing information that is no longer relevant. The same applies to personal information, which a user wishes to delete, and which Meglic Ltd.’s has no longer any basis for processing.

When using our website or signing up for our news services, you are required to submit certain personal information. This is necessary in order for you to use the full functionality of the website and for us to be able to send you relevant newsletters etc. Consequently, Meglic Ltd.’s collects and registers the personal information provided by you on Meglic Ltd.’s website in connection with your use of the website and when signing up for our news services.

2. What information is collected?

Whenever you visit our website, the following information about you will be collected:

  1. Any pages visited by you with indication of the date and time of your visit – your “electronic track”;
  2. Any browser used by you;
  3. Any ip address used by you;
  4. Any user name;

The above information is obtained by means of cookies, so reference is made to the cookie policy concerned, containing a detailed description of the terms and conditions for obtaining, storing, disclosing and erasing the above information. Our cookie policy is always fully accessible on Meglic Ltd.’s website, and further, you will be asked to accept our cookie policy, when connecting to our website.

In order for us to be able to supply our news services to you, Meglic Ltd.’s also processes the following personal information about you:

Contact details:
- Name
- Email address

3. Purpose of collection and storing period

Meglic Ltd.’s collects your contact details when you sign up for our news services for the purpose of completing your registration and delivering relevant newsletters, marketing by means of emails and text messages to you, and further, we collect them for the purpose of creating your membership with Meglic Ltd.’s.

The personal information is processed for the purpose of delivery to you of the products ordered and sending electronic mail to you, including newsletters and any other relevant marketing concerning products, campaigns, press releases, invitations for events/seminars/fairs and competitions.

Meglic Ltd.’s stores your personal information only for as long as this is necessary to comply with the above purposes. This means that we store the above personal information, for as long as you are still registered with FunnyGifts's news services and/or has a membership with Meglic Ltd.’s. If you deregister this/these service(s), Meglic Ltd.’s will erase your personal information within 30 days.

4. Disclosure of your personal information

Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party, except if so required under current statutes, or if determined by court order.

As for erasure and disclosure of the personal information provided by you when navigating the website, reference is made to the cookie policy.

5. Use of data processors

The above personal information may be entrusted to the data processors attached to Meglic Ltd.’s. The data processors handle your personal information upon instruction from Meglic Ltd.’s and thus only for specific purposes disclosed in this policy. Further, the data processors are subject to the same obligation for protecting personal information as that applying to Meglic Ltd.’s.

6. Safety concerning your personal information

Meglic Ltd.’s shall observe confidentiality in respect of all personal information, and we have taken a number of technical, organizational safety measures for the purpose of protecting personal information against accidental loss or illegal destruction, forfeiture or deterioration and preventing it from being brought to the knowledge of any unauthorised persons or from being misused or otherwise processed contrary to the Data Protection Act in Cyprus.

All our electronic data are subject to daily back-ups, and we have protected ourselves, among other things, by installing antivirus software and firewalls.

7. Right of access to your personal information, possibility of erasure and complaint procedures

You have a right to be informed about the personal information processed about you by Meglic Ltd.’s and the underlying basis thereof, and further, you are entitled to demand submission of your personal information on a readable medium. You are also entitled to demand correction of incorrect or misleading personal information registered by us about you. Further, you are entitled to object against the processing of your personal information. You may contact Meglic Ltd.’s by writing to this email address: [email protected] In addition, you may also complain about the processing of your personal information to the Data Protection Agency in Cyprus.

As for the consent(s) given by you to Meglic Ltd.’s when signing up for the news services, you may always revoke such consent(s) by email or by means of the cancellation link in the newsletters.

Should you have any questions to our processing of your personal information, please do not hesitate to contact Meglic Ltd.’s on the above email address.